Knoebels Thrill Rides

These are the rides that will test your fortitude!.
These are not for the weak of stomach or fear of heights. You will go fast, be spun around, experiance zero G's, be pushed and smashed side to side, soaked and spun around again just for kicks and finally you will be scared. And you will love every minute of it.

The Rides
The Impluse
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Knoebels newest roller coaster - The Impulse
Stratos Fear
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What goes up ----- must come down !
1001 Nachts
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1001 Nachts - Swoop to new heights and enjoy a great view of Knoebels and the valley.
Cosmotron - Go real fast in the dark with LOUD music flashing lights. Then do it again backwards. The kids love it.
Down Draft
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Downdraft - Up and Down, round and round, Oh boy am I dizzy.
Crystal Pool
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Crystal Pool - Take a splash in the mega sized ice cold pool ride the slides or just chill out in the kiddie sized water park. There is a seperate fee for this but if your staying more then a few days, it is well worth checking out on that scorcher of a day.
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Fandango - A spinning, swinging ride to make you hurl. through space that is.
Classic Log Flume
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Flume - Classic Log Flume, gets you slightly wet.
The Flyer
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The Flyer - Buzz the tree tops in a flyer that you control. Celebrating 40 Years!
Flying Turns
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Flying Turns - Open this past season during Halo Fun.
The Galleon
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The Galleon - A giant pirate ship that swings back and forth, higher and higher.
The Haunted Mansion
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Haunted Mansion - A traditional haunted ride with all sorts of suprises! Winner 2009 DAFE Favorite dark ride award.
There has been a report of an additional scare item having been added for this year.
The Looper
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Looper - Back and forth and round and round and upside down.
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Paratrooper - Spinning at an angle you go from the ground to the tree tops, I swear my feet are gonna hit the tree's one day.
Pheonix Roller Coaster
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Phoenix Roller Coaster - A classic wooden roller coaster, that my kids want to go on again and again, so we just sit and wait.
Twister Roller Coaster
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Twister - Built in 1999 and based on the famous Mr. Twister from Denver, CO, Another classic wooden roller coaster that will make you scream with delight.
Power Surge
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Power Surge - Are you up, down, sideways, hey there goes my change flying out of my pocket.
The Satellite
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The Satellite - Spinning and twisting and heading straight down until you won�t know which way is up. Another ride my kids run off and right back on
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Sklooosh - You will get wet from head to toe, a great place to cool down on those hot days, even if you just stand in the "Splash Zone"
Super Roundup
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Super RoundUp - Centrifugal force was never this much fun as you spin and elevate at the same time.
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Wipeout - Spinning, wobbleing, I'm dizzy just thinking about it.
High Speed Thrill Coaster
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High Speed Thrill Coaster - This classic coaster has been disassembled, being replaced by Kozmo's Curves (see below)
The Black Diamond
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Golden Nugget Coaster - Rumors no more! Construction is under way. -- Knoebels bought from WildWood NJ. the Golden Nugget Coaster. To be renamed the Black Diamond and installed where the Eagles nest currently is, behind the Mining Museum
Cosmos Curves Kozmo's Curves - Completely installed and operational, my kids loved it more then the High Speed Coaster it replaced.